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880451_19615020As an advanced security systems integrator since 1971, ESS has decades of experience working within and understanding the sensitive environments of government facilities. In response to the devastating 9/11 attacks, there is an increased emphasis on the security of government buildings, in particular, access control and perimeter security. ESS’s integrated security systems provide innovative and state-of-the-art solutions designed specifically to combat any threat, be it physical or digital, and ensure the protection of your people, property and assets. From video surveillance with off-site monitoring to enterprise access control with visitor management, ESS offers a vast product range that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your facility.

Using cutting edge technology, ESS can employ mass notification and emergency evacuations for your staff, as well as secure and encrypt data in the event of a cyber attack, or disaster. We can provide all of this and more in a cost-effective, price-friendly package.

Partner with ESS today to ensure your facility, property, and personnel are secure.


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Join more than 55,000 government agencies, education institutions, and nonprofits by using the U.S. Communities Government Purchsing Alliance to streamline your purchasing needs and get they product and services you want. 

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