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IP Video Surveillance & Monitoring

DSC_0315_-_Version_2Hidden CCTV, Wireless IP, and Outdoor Security Cameras

IP surveillance can be leveraged to provide logistical benefits and significant cost savings. IP cameras can be integrated with access control systems and intrusion alarms to provide documented video evidence during an event. These events can reviewed and acted upon either by the customer through a web portal system or our personnel at our central station. Alarm verification is a critical tool that can provide the most appropriate response during an alarm.

The most common use of CCTV is in security camera systems. CCTV systems have been found for years in areas like large retail shops, banks, and government institutions. Thanks to reduced costs in the manufacture of cameras and video recording equipment, camera systems are becoming more and more commonplace in smaller businesses.


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In hotels, stadiums, and convention centers, video surveillance systems are often used in private television networks, broadcasting sporting events or special events throughout their facilities.


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Most airports and train stations throughout the world have installed security camera systems connected to CCTV systems with the goal of combating terrorism. These video feeds are constantly monitored by local and international law enforcement agencies in an effort to keep travelers safe. We can use a wireless security camera system to give you peace of mind in your business.


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ESS has customizable and scalable monitoring solutions for customers as well. In addition to performing alarm verification services, we can customize video guard tours or schedule off-hour monitoring services. Using IP cameras and hidden security cameras, we can help you keep your property safe. 


An IP camera can keep your business safe. Find out how!


We can use a wireless security system with outdoor security cameras so you will know who is approaching your building before they even step inside. Our covert cameras and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment will keep you safe under any conditions.

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