Engineered Security Systems


retail-347x231Whether you manage multiple big-box retail locations or a single mom & pop style store, ESS has the technology and experience necessary to protect your staff, visitors, assets and location. Shoplifting and after hours burglary are a significant threat to every retail store. An integrated security system is an affordable and highly effective way of deterring both of these threats, while also protecting your staff, customers, and location from unrelated threats such as fire and flooding. 

ESS’s wide range of product offerings allow for custom services and features that ensure every client receives an integrated security package tailored directly to their business. This package is designed to combat universal threats like fire, as well as threats unique to your specific business and location.  Our experienced team of engineers and technicians will work directly with all levels of your staff, from IT to loss prevention and even your customer facing employees, in order to integrate solutions that meet all your security needs.

As an advanced system integrator, ESS can help your realize significant savings by consolidating your security solutions. Contact ESS to learn more about systems available to you today.

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